Five Under the Radar Celebrities With Huge Net Worths

Jessica Alba

When it comes to celebrities, it’s so easy to assume that they’re all super wealthy. The simple fact is that some of the biggest names in television and movies aren’t all that wealthy, and it’s simply because they don’t always net the biggest paychecks. The problem is that many people associate fame and those in the spotlight with people who have a ton of money (not that having a net worth of $50 million is poor by any means), but they don’t always have as much money as you might assume they have. In fact, you have actors with the biggest names in the world, such as Brad Pitt, who have a much lower net worth than people you don’t see every day, that don’t star in movie after movie, who aren’t nearly as famous; but they’re far wealthier thanks to their business ventures and their under-the-radar nature. Want to know which celebs are far richer than the ones you assumed are the richest? Read on to find out.

Jessica Simpson – $150 million

She struggled hard to became as famous as the other singers she became famous with. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were able to continue their musical careers and make big money, but Jessica Simpson could not seem to do it. Her music was good, but it was never the best. It never made it to the top of any charts, and she didn’t make it in the music business. However, she made it in life. She is a designer with a billion-dollar business to her name. She might not be in the press all the time for her work, but she’s raking in the big bucks left and right.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba – $200 million

When was the last time she had a major role in anything? She didn’t, but she still makes a ton of money. She’s got a company called the Honest Brand, which rakes in the big bucks. She’s more focused on her business career than she is her acting career, and she seems to be doing a fairly good job of making her life pretty lucrative in that manner.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy – $250 million

She’s famous for being the television court judge who loves to make people feel bad about their less than perfect personal choices, and people love her. But she’s got a television show that airs in the middle of the day when no one is home. She’s not a major actress, and she doesn’t do much else, right? How, on that note, is she $10 million richer than Brad Pitt? Well, she’s in syndication and she earns $47 million per year. That’s more than most actors and actresses.

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett – $430 million

Explain to me how a man who usually doesn’t even wear shoes, hangs out in the Florida Keys and doesn’t really make much new music has more money than the biggest actresses, singers and actors in the world. It turns out people forget he has a chain of incredibly successful restaurants and gift shops, he makes a ton of money writing music, and he stays out of the press.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton – $500 million

I mean, she is Dolly Parton; but she’s not really as famous now as she was back in the day. And back when she was at the height of her career was so long ago there is no real way should could have possibly brought in that much money. Well, she’s got one of the longest-lasting careers in all of country music, she’s an actress, and she is a songwriter (she wrote the famous Whitney Houston hit, “I Will Always Love You,”) and she gets paid every time anything she sang, wrote or acted in is played.

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