Why Kelsey Asbille Changed Her Last Name and Other Facts You Didn’t Know

Kelsey Asbille has recently dropped the ‘Chow’ from her surname and is blaming Hollywood for needing to do this. She has said changing her name was a necessity for her to succeed in her career. The actress, who was born in South Carolina on September 9, 1991, believed that she was being pigeonholed because of her former surname. In her opinion, those in casting roles would continue to stereotype her unless she changed her name. According to Asbille, no longer being called Chow will give her the opportunity to play a more diverse range of roles than she has played in the past. Since changing her name to Kelsey Asbille, she has been cast in the role of a Native American in ‘Wind River’. Here are ten more fun facts that you didn’t know about Kelsey Asbille.

1. She Showed Talent from a Young Age

It was no surprise to her friends and family when Kelsey Absille pursued a career in the entertainment industry as she showed talent as a performer from a young age. As a child, she took dance and drama lessons and took part in school productions. By the time she was in her teens, she was attending community theater and was a member of the Hammond Street Ensemble. This led to her performing in a variety of locations across the globe, including Italy.

2. She Began Her Career in 2005

Asbille began her career as an actress in 2005. Her first role was playing Gigi Silveri in ‘One Tree Hill’. This was a recurring role and she appeared in 18 episodes between joining the cast and leaving the series in 2009. Her performance in this series led to many other roles and she is now established in the television industry.

3. She is Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

As she has Chinese ancestry, Kelsey Absille can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. It was one of the languages spoken in her home when she was growing up because her father came from Taiwan. However, she admits that she has more difficulty in reading Chinese characters.

4. She is Still a Student

When she was growing up, Kelsey Absille attended Hammond School in Columbia South Carolina. Although her main residence is now in Los Angeles, California, she is currently living in New York City. This is because she is attending Columbia University there.

5. She Has Two Siblings

Kelsey Asbille is the oldest of three children born to Jim and Jean Chow. Her father is from Taiwan, although he was raised in Africa. Her mother is an American of English and German descent. She has one younger brother and one younger sister, neither of whom are involved in the entertainment industry.

6. She Has Appeared in Two Music Videos

In addition to appearing in both film and television productions, Kelsey Asbille has also appeared in two music videos. The first of these was Bonnie McKee’s 2013 single ‘Sleepwalker’. The second was in 2015 when she appeared in the music video for Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Girls Like Girls’.

7. Her Grandmother was a Doctor

One of the people who Kelsey Absille takes inspiration from is her grandmother who graduated from medical school as the top student. At the time, it was unusual for a woman to go to medical school. One of her jobs was working alongside the World Health Organization in a bid to eradicate tuberculosis. Asbille has said that her grandmother is brave, smart, independent, and kind.

8. She Loves the Vintage Style

Kelsey Asbille loves fashion. However, she doesn’t necessarily follow the latest trends as she has developed her own style that suits her personal fashion tastes. She is particularly interested in vintage clothing and has her own collection of vintage dresses.

9. Her Dream is to Work with Sean Connery

Of all the actors that she could choose to work with, it is Sean Connery who is her dream co-star. This actor is someone she has always admired, and she thinks there is something cool about him. She likes his style and find him intriguing.

10. She is Best-Known for Pair of Kings

Kelsey Asbille has now had many roles in both film and television. However, she is probably best-known for playing Mikayla Makoola in ‘Pair of Kings’. She appeared in 63 episodes of this television series between 2010 and 2013.

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