What’s Brian Baumgartner Been Up to Since The Office?

Brian Baumgartner is an American actor who has been involved in other activities as well over the course of his career. For example, he is a skilled poker player, as shown by the fact that he managed to win the World Series of Poker in 2005. Something that came with $3.3 million in earnings, which is a remarkable feat by any standard of measurement. Moreover, it should be mentioned that Baumgartner has served as an artistic direct for a theatre in Minneapolis, where apparently he so excelled that he winded up collecting a whole host of awards and other accolades.

With that said, there are a lot of people who will remember Baumgartner best because he was the one who played Kevin Malone in the American version of The Office. In short, Kevin Malone wasn’t one of the main characters but rather one of the minor characters, though he nonetheless managed to stand out to some extent because of his unmistakable appearance as well as his humorous lack of social skills. On top of this, it is interesting to note that Kevin Malone was one of the few minor characters in the American version of The Office that was based on a British counterpart, who shared a lot of the same stand-out characteristics. Regardless, since The Office came to a close in 2013, it is natural for people to wonder whatever happened to Brian Baumgartner.

What Has Brian Baumgartner Been Doing Since The Office?

For those who are curious, Baumgartner has continued acting in a more or less uninterrupted manner. Some of his roles since that time have been comedic in nature. However, others have been much more serious in tone, thus showing his range in his chosen profession. Furthermore, while none of these subsequent roles have been as long-lasting as Kevin Malone on The Office, some of them have nonetheless been rather substantial.

To get a general idea of the roles that Baumgartner has been appearing in, it is worthwhile to look at a list of some of the projects that he has been involved. For example, he appeared in three separate crime dramas in 2014. Two of them were the very long-lasting Criminal Minds and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, while the third is a FX crime drama that started up in 2013 and came to a close in 2014. Following these projects, Baumgartner went on to appear in a couple of comedies in 2015, which were followed up by a wider range of both serious and not so serious projects in 2016. This trend has continued in 2017 and 2018, which have seen Baumgartner appear in numerous projects, including an upcoming movie in post-production called My Boyfriend’s Meds that is centered on a woman whose island vacation is complicated by the fact that her boyfriend has forgotten to bring his prescription medication with him.

Final Thoughts

Summed up, it is clear that Baumgartner’s acting career has continued on in the time since The Office came to a close. Moreover, he hasn’t been limited to either a single kind of role or even a single kind of project but has instead been appearing in a wide range of work. Due to this, while it would be exaggerating to say that Baumgartner has found roaring success since his best-known role, it would also be exaggerating to say that he has somehow faded into obscurity.

With that said, while a lot of Baumgartner’s projects don’t involve comedy, a lot of the other projects do. As a result, those who found his performance in The Office to be suitable for their particular sense of humor might want to check out some of the series that Baumgartner has been in. Luckily, it should be relatively simple for interested individuals to look up the projects that he has worked with in the years since 2013, which in turn, should make it relatively simple for them to find where they can watch said programming. For that matter, if they are impressed by Baumgartner’s work in comedies, there is no harm in them looking up some of his more serious roles as well because while it might be a bit of a cliche, variety is indeed the spice of life.

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