10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nicole McMackin

Nicole and Reed McMackin

Although you may have never heard the name Nicole McMackin, you’re about to get very familiar. Recently, McMackin’s name has made its way onto the Internet – and of course, it’s for nothing good. If you’re a fan of The Real Housewives of Orange County, then you’re probably well-aware that Shannon Beador’s husband, David, had a very serious affair. Well, apparently, Nicole McMackin is the mystery woman who almost helped him ruin his marriage. While she may have wanted her identity to stay private, once your name becomes a part of reality TV history, it’s nearly impossible to live it down. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Nicole McMackin.

She was once ‘friendly’ with Shannon

As the old saying goes, ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,’ and apparently those were words that Nicole McMackin lived by. According to reports, she became very friendly with Shannon Beador, even occasionally asking how things in her relationship were going. A source close to Shannon even added, “It just seems really underhanded and manipulative, almost as if she was probing for info to use to break them up. Or maybe she was just feeling guilty.” Poor Shannon probably never even saw it coming.

She’s a powerful business woman

When most people think of mistresses, they tend to envision the type of woman who is using her relationship with a man as a means for some sort of financial support or gain. However, that simply wasn’t true at all in Nicole McMackin’s relationship with David Beador. In fact, the two actually met back in 2013 at a business club meeting, and McMackin is the President of Irvine Technology Corp.

She is a mother

Not only is Nicole McMackin a mother, but apparently, she used her children as a way to get close to Shannon and David. A source who is close to Shannon alleges, “‘It turns out that Nicole purposely put her kid on Shannon’s daughter’s basketball team, a team that David coaches.” Apparently, this was Nicole’s way to spy on the Beadors and make sure that Shannon wasn’t catching onto the affair. Unfortunately, she was setting a terrible example for her children in the process.

She is married

It’s kind of hard to imagine how anyone could think it was okay to come between a marriage, but especially someone who is married themselves. Nicole McMackin’s husband, Reed, is a former plumber who is currently the Vice President of Pan-Pacific Mechanical. Although their net worth has not been reported, the couple’s house has been valued at over $2 million dollars. Last month, when reports initially began naming Nicole as David’s mistress, there were many stories suggesting that she and Reed were headed towards divorce, but it looks like that won’t be the case after all.

She’s almost 10 years younger than Shannon

It’s no secret that when most men have affairs, they go for younger women. While Nicole McMackin doesn’t exactly classify as a ‘younger woman,’ she’s certainly younger than both Shannon and David. Nicole’s age has been reported at 46, while Shannon is currently 51. Not a huge difference, but definitely enough.

She lives just 20 minutes from David and Shannon

Cheating is never hard when you live within 20 minutes of the person you’re having an affair with – which was the case in Nicole and David’s relationship. However, despite practically living in the same neighborhood, David and Nicole covered their tracks by having secret meetings at hotels and other discrete locations. Had they actually tried to meet up at home, things probably would have blown up way sooner, and been much worse.

She ‘had no problem’ ending her affair with David

As you can imagine, when Shannon found out about Nicole McMackin having a secret affair with David, she was crushed. As a close friend of Shannon’s says, Shannon actually called Nicole and asked her to please leave David alone and stop causing the Beador family trouble. Well, apparently, when Shannon made the phone call, Nicole had no problem ending her relationship with David, and even went as far as to say that he was ‘obsessed’ with her. Have these people never seen Fatal Attraction?!

She recently got into a fight with Shannon

Recently, Nicole McMackin and Shannon Beador ran into each other at a USC football game, and it goes without saying that things didn’t go well. According to stories from the run-in, Nicole was making a scene for the entire game, and when she and Shannon ran into each other in the tunnels at the stadium, she immediately jumped in her face and started calling Shannon “crazy.” Although Nicole tried to tell a different story, a fan confirmed that Shannon’s account of the event is how things really went down.

She and her husband have released a statement

After the incident at USC, Nicole McMackin and Reed issued a statement about the affair. According to the couple, they’re only planning to look forward and be happy. In their statement, they said, “We have done our best to work through our issues in private. Nicole understands that she made a terrible mistake and there has been an incredible price paid by both families.” They also added that all the attention they’ve been getting hasn’t made it easy for them to put this behind them.

Her husband still has her back

Relationships usually don’t end well when there’s a relationship involved, but according to Reed, he’s forgiven his wife completely. Even during the altercation between Nicole McMackin and Shannon Beador, reports say that Reed stepped in to calm things down. It looks like he’s taking his vows very seriously, and he’s going to be by his wife through thick and thin.

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